Achieve health and wellness without harming the environment

Achieve health and wellness without harming the environment

November 27, 2019 0 Comments

People are becoming conscious of their health and wellness. With this, comes great demand for products which help them maintain a kind of lifestyle that they aspire to. There’s lots of talk about eating right, organic foods, exercises, meditation, yoga among other activities and products. These top the list as far as health, fitness and wellness are concerned. Although these activities are supposed to help our bodies and soul, sometimes when we fail to use the right methods and tools we can end up harming the environment. Take for example, those who love their morning jogs or walk, or the people who are into weightlifting, among other activities that keep us fit. If they use shoes which are made using plastic or other synthetic materials, they will surely meet their objectives but will have harmed the environment. We need to engage in activities that help us gain and maintain health and wellness and at the same time ensure that our environment is not harmed. By doing this, we will ensure that our actions do not just benefit ourselves but also contribute to the larger good where the environment is concerned, and the whole community gains. 

How do we achieve this?

This is a question that has been lingering in many people’s mind; they have an interest at heart to leave the world a better place, not just for this generation but also for those who will come after us. It starts with you, make a conscious choice, look at the tools and products that you use , ask yourself , are they in any way contributing to harming the environment? This may be easy for some but a challenge to others. To help in this, you can think about these points, basically ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is what I am using to exercise or for my yoga practice eco friendly? We need to use tools that are environmentally friendly, those that in their processing and use lead to little or no harmful effects. One way of achieving this is using the eco-friendly yoga mat by’d. The mat is versatile, suitable for yoga poses for two as well as other exercises that require the mat to stay flat. It is properly designed to make sure that there is a proper alignment with the body to keep you centered. The eco friendly yoga mat has been made using natural cork and rubber from trees. The unique yoga mat helps in positioning your body as well as protecting the joints. Using this yoga mat ensures that you get real health and wellness benefits in a way that does not harm the environment.
  2. Are my activities in any way contributing to harming the environment?

For instance, are you driving to get to the gym or yoga center? If you are driving, then it means you are contributing to increase of carbon emission. If what you are doing has a negative impact on the environment, you may be helping your body stay in shape but overall, you are doing more harm than good.

Let’s make a conscious decision: practice yoga and engage in other physical exercises in a way that preserves our environment, one way of achieving this is to use of Go Barefooted ecofriendly yoga mat.