About Us

Here at'd our mission is to inspire fellow barefoots to get back in touch with our souls, our mantra is to:

-BREATHE more often
-BELIEVE in yourself 
-BECOME who you are destined to be

We all have a unique gift inside of us, no matter your background or current situation. This gift comes in many forms and disguises. 

We have set out on a mission to bring together like minded people, who travel, who connect with each other through energy not technology, who know to give love is the key, who feel we are all connected to the universe and the earth. We will do our best to provide you with products that match these values. We make a promise that our products will be 100% eco-friendly. 

Each customer who joins our mission is part of a mindset ,a way of life. They understand each other. If you see that brand anywhere in the world you KNOW what type of person they are. They are a friend in the waiting. An experience, a connection, an omen not to be missed.

We hope you join us and we cross paths soon :)'d